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    Midnight,I feel as empty as a drum

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    Live in the dark,Dying in the sunthine … I really don`t want that to be my fate! I come to konw a small

    Live in the dark,Dying in the sunthine …

         I  really don`t want that to be my fate!

         I come to konw a small amount of hope and a huge sense of helplessness , Although a lot of people want to help me,but i can't find myself because she has been my life and and I only  planned growing old with her .

         At midnight,unable to bear the burden of disappointment and the huge sense of helplessness that engulfed me at the sadness with which she has treated me at a visional dream.

        I thought I was strong and  very self-confident, but it turns out that I am much vulnerable than I thought. In fact My heart is very weak.At this point, I am weak, I can not control my  emotions and can't wait  a minute even a second.I lost myself and my faith but I can't get back at now!

        shadows bleeding through the light where the love once shined so bright, came without a reason! I belive we are soul mate, not just a soul mate ect.You just told me forgot her,but you never know what's happen to me ,because I thought this is the one for me,really she is  the only one I  love .but when I need her,she is  almost here,and i know thats not enough.and when i'm with her,i'm close to tears,because she  only almost here.And as I cry myself to sleep that I know this love of mine I'll keep Ocean Deep.well you never know how far behind she left me. I'm sorry that I took our love for granted.

        Don't let go on us tonight, I beg you and pray for you.but is confidence I 'm naive.won't you let me treat me like a child.but in fact I'm childish. I just thought maybe true love never can be rent But only true love can keep beauty and innocent.I love her, I'm not asking nothing for it. In fact a little love is all my ask at all,while my love is not free.what a foolish boy I am.

        No don't tell me love is blind, in fact you need some comfort,at least a little love is all our ask.

        It's  midnight,I can't fall in sleep. I just stay in the night. 

        I have no more to say.

        I should follow my heart wherever it takes me,lover or friend they fade in the end, but the love that’s inside my heart and grows stronger with soul,will always be with me.And not just forget it or escape from the world.

       I must go on with my long journey to meet what I really want it.

       Live in the dark,Dying in the sunthine ,Time will tell me everything……

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