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    vue2升级vue3:class component的遗憾

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    the Class API proposal is being dropped。之前class components组件升级vue3,还是用composite api重头再来^

    在vue2,class 写法真的非常爽

    import { Component as tsc } from 'vue-tsx-support';
    import { Component, Watch } from 'vue-property-decorator';
    import { State } from 'vuex-class';
    import { debounce } from 'helpful-decorators';
    export default class demo extends tsc<{}> {
        @State(state => state.queryContext.timeRange) curTimeRange;
        initPage() {


    interface PageProps{}
    export default class ChartWrapper extends Mixins<ChartWrapperBase>(ChartWrapperBase) implements PageProps {

    但是到vue3,这个class 提案被废止了——GitHub上也停留在rc1版本了,已经2年左右没有提交代码了!

    试了一下 8.0.0-rc.1
    把  @Component 改为 @Options ,其他都不用怎么改。单个组件能跑。全局替换了下,发现大部分多页面与组件都跑步起来——报错的太多了——对后来人劝退!

    vue-class-component made sense for Vue 2.x when the TypeScript support was really bad. Currently this library provides no additional benefits, it just modifies the syntax of declaring a component. Additionally almost all users of vue-class-component are using vue-property-decorator (https://github.com/kaorun343/vue-property-decorator) which also seems abandoned.


    class  API 被犹大 彻底 放弃

    Update: the Class API proposal is being dropped.


    Two major reasons:

    1. Current Class API proposal still has various edge cases / spec reliance / unresolved questions.

    2. The new APIs proposed in Advanced Reactivity API #22 and Dynamic Lifecycle Injection #23 enables a new pattern (temporarily) named "composition functions) that can serve as a better component API than classes. Shipping both composition functions and Class API essentially results in 3 ways of doing the same thing - this is something we want to avoid at all costs. The advantage of composition functions over Classes will be discussed in more details below.

    无奈,不能平滑升级,给差评——有大佬会说,react 也准备弃用 class 了

    但是,对于我这类从java  出身的野生前端,确实觉得class  装饰器 更为亲切


    至于之的实现方式,建议换 函数式 思路,比如:https://www.thisdot.co/blog/vue-3-composition-api-do-you-really-need-it

    虽然网上 有很多各种的 兼容原来 vue-class-component  装饰器方案,



    但是这些库目前是支持,但是虽知道vue3 后面怎么走!

    所以还是弃坑了 ——目前基于生态原因,只能用vue compose api

    其实心里一直是 react  yyds! 独呼奈何!!!!

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