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    jetBrain系列:Version Control窗口Local Changes消失这么调出?

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    新i版的ntelliJ、webStorm、phpStorm系列 local Changes 不见了,有两种处理方式,1、File --> Settings --> Version Control --> Commit。2、View -> Tool Windows -> Commit

    新电intelliJ脑安装新intelliJ、webStorm、phpStorm系列 local Changes 不见了

    之前修改文件能直接在local changes 见到变更文件。

    因为官网说2020.1版本以后的IDEA这个标签页默认在git commit时才会看到

    Local Changes tab: shows a list of files that have been modified locally and have not been committed to the repository yet.

    This tab is only present if you are using the Commit dialog.Starting from IntelliJ IDEA version 2020.1, you can switch to a non-modal commit interface: in the Settings/Preferences dialog , go to Version Control | Commit and select the Use non-modal commit interface option (enabled by default for new installations). In this case, local changes and changelists are managed from the Commit tool window 


    恢复之前的intelliJ 之前窗口模式

    File -->  Settings -->  Version Control --> Commit (取消勾选 Use non-modal commit interface即可)

    IDEA工具第五篇:关于Version Control窗口Local Changes显示问题_javascript_02

    local Changes 左侧窗口出现

    View -> Tool Windows -> Commit



    IDEA找不到Local Changes https://blog.csdn.net/L6Hao/article/details/106871812

    IDEA Version Control 窗口 local changes显示 https://blog.csdn.net/comeilmforever/article/details/107753783

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